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La’Bayit Gifts is an online marketplace in Israel with thousands of gifts to send to anyone for any occasion. The way we see it, there’s always something to celebrate! A wedding, birth, bar/bat mitzvah, birthday, promotion, anniversary, friend, teacher, mentor, and yes, even yourself for just being you. By emphasizing quality, creativity, ease, convenience and amazing customer service, we provide the best gift giving experience so that you can cut out the hassle and concentrate on giving the gift of, well… a gift!

It’s always the same story:

You want to send a gift in Israel. Now, you’re thinking…This is going to be the BIGGEST hassle. The post office stinks, Israeli websites look like scams, everything’s in Hebrew and my options seem to be limited to flowers (at best). Well, take a deep breath. Because in about 5 minutes you’re going to have found the PERFECT gift, in English, on a gorgeous website, for a great price, with speedy delivery times and American customer service. Now go ahead…

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It's a pleasure working with La'Bayit Gifts - communication is easy, the orders are always well-organized and their customer service is very professional. We highly recommend them!


"עם אתר לבית התחלתי לעבוד עם הקמתו, מזה כמה שנים שאנו עובדים בשיתוף פעולה מדהים. אני מקבלת הרבה הזמנות מהאתר. העבודה עם ברכה, בעלת האתר, תמיד מאוד נוחה נעימה ופרקטית. נותנת מענה לכל בעיה, משתפת בכל ידע שנשאל ונותנת שירות ברמה הכי גבוהה ללקוחות המשותפים שלנו. אצלי בעסק העבודה עם אתר "לבית" הפך להיות ערוץ משמעותי להכנסותי. תודה רבה!"

Hear from our happy customers!

Sofi Giardino

"I love La'Bayit! I've purchased from La'Bayit several times and each time has just been so easy and convenient. I love how many beautiful products there are to choose from and my gifts arrived super fast. So grateful to have found La'Bayit!"

Tali Weisinger-Kakon

"When my husband and I were engaged we immediately set up an account on La'Bayit. We loved the concept and knew that many of our family members in America were accustomed to a registry as a way of gifting. Our favorite feature was being able to exchange the gifts we got for credit. Many people ended up giving us gifts after the wedding which we ended up not needing a bunch of things we put on the registry. An amazing plus is the outstanding team that is behind La'Bayit. It feels like I have become part of the La'Bayit Family."