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For Guests

How do I find a couple’s wedding registry?
You can find a couple’s registry by searching their name on the home page in the ‘Find a Couple’ search box or by clicking the link they sent to you.
Do I need to pay for shipping?
Nope, there are no shipping costs when you buy a gift from a couple’s registry.
How is my credit card information secure?
All credit card processing is completed through Isracard Global Payment Systems, which offers the latest fraud protection technology and ensures safe transactions.
What currencies can I pay in?
Prices can be displayed on La'Bayit in USD and ILS. All purchases on Israeli and foreign credit cards are charged in ILS.
Can I include a message to the couple when I buy a gift?
Absolutely. As you proceed through checkout, you will have the option to include a personal message to the bride and groom, which they will receive along with your cherished gift!
Can I buy a gift on La’Bayit for someone who doesn’t have a registry?
Not right now, but coming soon so stay tuned!
What methods of payment do you accept?
We accept payments from all major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard and Discover.
What does the couple see when I buy them a gift?
When you buy a gift, the couple will receive an email notification along with your personal note!
Is gift wrapping available?
Unfortunately, not at this time.
I am trying to use a UK credit card and it is being refused. How can I pay with my UK credit card?
If your zip code is not being accepted during payment, input JUST the numbers of your zip code and add two zeros to the end. For example, if your zip code is NW4 1BD you should input 4100. That should do the trick!