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About Us

La'Bayit was created for couples in Israel to fall in love with the gifts that will be part of their magical new life together. We offer the best, most all-inclusive and convenient wedding registry experience in all of Israel. We’ve got everything from elegant international brands all the way to funky locally handcrafted items. These are the pieces that will be with you for the rest of your lives, through all of the magical moments to come! We’re La’Bayit- and we’re founded on love.

Our Promise

Our #1 priority at La’Bayit is to make your gift getting experience fun, happy and easy. It’s pretty simple. After all, you’re getting MARRIED and this (other than the tasting, of course) should be the best part of the wedding planning!

Before you make that special commitment to each other, we’d love for you to read about our commitment to you.


La’Bayit was created so that you as a couple can completely enjoy your gifts, knowing that both you and your guests are getting the most bang for the buck. No haggling with Yosi from the appliance store, throwing money at extravagantly priced items for lack of better options, or getting hit with big shipping fees. No compromises! We provide amazing quality items at the most sensible prices Israel has to offer. And the real kicker: zero shipping fees.


La’Bayit Registry allows you to browse from hundreds of items based on your own preference, taste, and style! We made sure to include items for every type of couple; from the simple elegant type, to the functional practical type, all the way to the funky adventurous type. We’ve got the most popular American brands (hellooo KitchenAid, Kenwood and LG), as well as the best quality brands from right here in Israel, so that you and your spouse-to-be don’t need to compromise on options, quality or price.


Long ago before La’Bayit (so, very recently, actually) the best option for registering in Israel was to register on Bed, Bath & Beyond, and then to ask Aunt Rachel and a random person you once knew from summer camp to shlep a few items at a time to Israel so that one day down the line you would be able to start using that fine china. It was kind of crazy because Israel is a pretty big country with a lot of great products... but it was the only option around.

Well, check it out: At La’Bayit, we deliver your registry gifts all at once straight to your door! That means no continuous trips to the Post Office, no busing to random locations to pick up items, and no schlepping-related favors from Aunt Rachel.

But that’s not all. When you register with La’Bayit the entire process is ONLINE IN ENGLISH! It’s completely user-friendly for both you and your guests and makes the entire process super convenient.

Get started and build your La'Bayit Neeman Be'Yisrael!